Deliverables Branding, UX/UI, Illustration, Animation
Location Salt lake city, USA

Introducing Zuso, the fusion of physical and digital realms to redefine the way we interact with cooking. An innovative cookbook that seamlessly integrates a digital interface with a physical totem, Zuso is not just a tool but an experience.

Our mission was to craft not only the Zuzo brand but an interactive platform that educates, inspires, and assists in the culinary journey. Zuso offers step-by-step recipes with concise video tutorials, a vast collection of diverse recipes from renowned chefs, and a focus on health-conscious cooking. It’s designed for those seeking to explore new cuisines, perfect their cooking skills, and manage their dietary needs effectively.

Zuso stands as a modern culinary guide, combining a sleek, detachable totem with a tablet interface. It features a built-in scale and thermometer, ensuring precision in every recipe. As a product, Zuso transcends traditional cookbooks, offering a dynamic and interactive way to cook, plan meals, and track nutritional intake.

Our design process for Zuso was comprehensive, starting from brand conceptualization to user journey mapping. We considered every aspect of the user’s interaction, from registration to payment, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Zuso’s interface is more than just a recipe hub; it’s a culinary companion that guides, teaches, and adapts to the user’s needs. Whether it’s meal planning or exploring new flavors, Zuso is there every step of the way