Deliverables UX / UI, App design, Illustration, Animation
Location Rio de Janeiro, BR

The Fundação de Assistência e Previdência Social do BNDES (FAPES) stands as a vital pillar in the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) community, primarily recognized for its commitment to the health and well-being of the bank’s employees and their families.

The goal was to create a comprehensive dashboard that would allow healthcare professionals to gain deeper insights into the lives they care for. This dashboard would serve as a data control system, enabling informed decision-making, efficient resource allocation, and monitoring of patients covered by FAPES.

To develop this dashboard, we first held several meetings and interviews to grasp the daily routines and challenges faced by FAPES employees. This understanding led to the creation of an organizational chart, highlighting the varied user experiences within FAPES

Users could access essential information like demographics, age, costs, smoking habits, diseases, and diabetes prevalence among the covered population. This comprehensive data analysis empowered professionals to gain a holistic understanding of the patient ecosystem.

Another fundamental aspect of the project was the development of a user-friendly app for plan beneficiaries. This app aimed to encourage proactive health management. By promoting regular medical check-ups, FAPES believed that preventive measures were crucial for long-term well-being.

The app’s unique feature: a wilting flower representing missed check-ups, enabling easy access to healthcare services, reducing costs, and enhancing convenience.