Deliverables Naming, Branding
Location Connecticut, United States

In a strategic collaboration with the creative agency The Future Forward, Cheyenne, now rebranded as Decoro, embarked on a transformative journey. With a legacy in the building products industry, the challenge was to redefine their brand identity to mirror their evolution into a beacon of innovation and design excellence.

Our goal was to seamlessly transition Cheyenne, a respected name in the building materials sector in the USA, to Decoro. This rebranding aimed to encapsulate their commitment to elegance, functionality, and environmental sustainability, addressing their desire to stand out in a competitive market while reflecting their core values and future vision.

Selecting “Decoro” as the new brand name, we aimed to capture the essence of sophistication and creativity that Cheyenne aspired to represent, marking a new era of growth and innovation.

The logo’s development was pivotal, creating a visual anchor for Decoro that signifies strength, reliability, and architectural beauty, aligning with the aspirations detailed in Cheyenne’s original vision.

Unifying Brand Experience

We extended the new identity across a broad spectrum of applications, from business cards to digital platforms, ensuring consistency and coherence in every touchpoint, thus reinforcing Decoro’s newly established brand essence.

The comprehensive visual identity guide we developed serves as a cornerstone for all brand communications, ensuring the integrity and versatility of Decoro’s identity in the dynamic landscape of building materials.