Deliverables Branding
Location Los Angeles, USA

In the world of skateboarding, The Berrics is an undisputed reference. It began as a space dedicated to uniting the diverse skateboarding tribes in Los Angeles, California, and has since evolved into the world’s largest skateboarding media company.

The challenge was to create a new identity that would maintain the original symbolism of uniting different skateboarding tribes while distancing itself from the resemblance to the UN brand, which was a major concern for the group.

Building upon this foundation, a rebranding was carried out that incorporated the symbolism, keeping the globe from the original brand as a starting point but introducing the idea of two worlds merging.

Simple, versatile logo reflects unity and diversity at The Berrics’ core. Created for diverse product range, drawing from original brand. Examples showcase its adaptability and versatility.

In order to support the new brand, several practical implementations were created. Social media examples demonstrate consistent visual identity across channels.