Deliverables Branding, Interactive Content
Location Singapura

Cariuma is a footwear brand founded in 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by Fernando Porto and David Python. With a focus on creating classic, Brazilian-inspired, urban, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly sneakers, they reinvent the footwear industry through an innovative, design-thinking approach, aiming to achieve desired sustainability.

The objective was to create a completely new visual identity for the brand. This involved a deep immersion into Brazilian culture, drawing inspiration from indigenous tattoos and juxtaposing expansive urban landscapes against the lush nature typical of Rio de Janeiro.

Through exploration, we created a design connecting vegetation, plants, and a graphic ‘C’ symbol resembling the Monstera deliciosa, a tropical plant from Central and South America.

Cariuma aimed to create an engaging e-commerce website that combined emotional appeal with rational aspects to guide users on their purchasing journey.

We prioritized simplicity, versatility, and visual impact, resulting in a flexible symbol applicable to various models and surfaces, while also designing cohesive branding elements for the products.