Deliverables UX / UI, App design, Illustration, animation
Location Utah, USA

Opplio, a comprehensive business management platform, was on a mission to transform how businesses handle personnel, projects, deadlines, and calendars. Born with countless functionalities intended to assist in streamlining administrative processes.

Flow agency initially conceived the Opplio project visual identidy and subsequently extended an invitation to us to breathe new life into Oplio’s user interface, user experience, landing page and its overall aesthetic design. Our aim was to simplify the platform, making it more user-friendly, attractive, and efficient. By doing so, we sought to provide the best possible user experience and ensure consistency throughout the product.

We believed that an effective design language should permeate the product. This led us to create a library of design elements and assets, an initiative that ensured visual consistency across Oplio’s interface.

In the end, what we created was more than just a redesign. It was a reimagining of how Opplio could not only look but feel for its users, transforming it into a sleek, intuitive platform ready to make business management a breeze.