Deliverables UX / UI, App design, Identity
Location Rio de Janeiro, BR

Caren is a health tech startup that provides data analysis and automation solutions for companies in the healthcare and insurance sectors. Focused on delivering an innovative technological experience in the healthcare field, it was founded by its creator and primarily serves B2B companies.

The main objective of this project was to develop a comprehensive visual identity for Caren and the new website to align with the new visual identity and effectively convey the message to the audience.

The symbol was created using multiple interconnected droplets, conveying a sense of movement and fluidity, symbolizing the interconnection between different elements. The intention was to convey an image of seriousness and technology for the brand, while maintaining a friendly and human approach.

Adopted a unique color palette with emphasis on yellow to create a distinctive identity. Additionally, geometric elements were used to differentiate the company and reflect its technological nature.

After the visual identity was completed, we developed the website, serving as a landing page aligned with the brand’s new visual identity. This page effectively conveys the message in a clear and impactful manner, utilizing all the visual elements and universal language we created.