Responsive Website

SRCOM’s new website presents the agencies work with more fluidity and modernity

Reino studio was invited to design the new website for SRCOM, an event and brand experience agency with 28 years of experience with large events. Their history covers giants such as the Copacabana New Year’s Eve Party, the Free Jazz Festival, the World Youth Day and the Brazilian Day in New York. The company is also responsible for the development of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics and Paralympics games in Rio de Janeiro, the largest sporting event in the world. In order to transmit the importance of the projects, the proposal was to unite modernity and sophistication in a responsive platform – that would adapt automatically to the device that it is being viewed on.

Plurality of ideas and formats

Since SRCOM is a plural company, the choice was made to use different and dynamic forms for the structure of the homepage. The identity of the site followed a minimalist grid, giving value to images and typography. One aspect that was considered from the beginning was the use of images that would fill the full extension of the browser, transmitting the grandness of the company’s projects. It was programmed so that the elements would adapt automatically tothe width of the screen of the device that they were being viewed on. Also, a content management system was used that allows SCROM to have full control over the administration of the site. Using this tool, different viewing options of the highlights section of the homepage can be chosen.

Awarded interactivity

The website design was widely recognized with awards such as Peixe Grande, winner in the topic “Interactivity” and TheFWA winning the audience vote. Also, the project was selected as one of the best websites for the 11th Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico – Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial and for the website category of the digital Brazil award (Brio). It received an honorable mention from the Awwwards, which recognize and promote the talents of the best web developers, designers and agencies around the world.

Credits / Team

Pedro Brêtas
Vinícius Malvão
Pedro Brêtas
Vinícius Malvão
Peth Ferraz
Roger Santos
Pedro Rezende