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Reino Studio creates a new portal for the creative incubator Rio Criativo.

The Rio Criativo Incubator, created by the Rio de Janeiro State Secretary of Culture, is a center of innovation and collaboration that strengthens networks of creative economy entrepreneurs in the state of Rio de Janeiro. With its goal of positioning this new economy as one of the central axes of socioeconomic development, Rio Criativo stands out as one of the most democratic incubators in Brazil.

Reino Studio is responsible for positioning and managing the incubator’s brand and for creating a digital platform to optimize and increase productivity of Rio Criativo with its participants.

Subscription System

The Rio Criativo website is a digital tool created by Reino Studio to facilitate exchange between facilitators and entrepreneurs in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

This ambitious project changed the logistics of registering for Rio Criativo courses and workshops. Since these activities are free and highly sought after, a registration system was created where the Rio Criativo team could better understand their target audience and manage their choice of candidates for the available spaces.

Using the portal, each registered user has a personal dashboard where they can see the courses and workshops that they are registered for as well as save articles, video classes or even E-books and study materials about the creative economy.

Content Strategy

With an administrative system capable of managing this content, the Rio Criativo team can add or remove events, select and confirm the people registered for them and generate reports on all of the participants. There is also the possibility of modifying the color palette to highlight certain articles or news stories.

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Design Colors

Use a present color palette to help the user understand the interface in a simple way where photos are not the main element but the textual content.

Administrative System

An administration system that in addition to managing all the content of the site allows the registered users to save all the relevant content in their dashboard.

Responsive Design

With a 100% responsive interface, the mobile version carries the aesthetics and functionality of an app throughout all of its content.

Brand management
and content creation

Reino Studio does all of the social media brand management and identity creation for Rio Criativo. This work includes publicity pieces, multimedia presentations, fan page customization, posts for Facebook, Instagram and E-books as well as E-mail marketing.

Credits / Team

  • Vinícius Malvão
  • Pedro Brêtas
  • Pedro Brêtas
  • Vinícius Malvão
  • Jadhe London
  • Vinicíus Malvão
  • Pedro Brêtas
  • Jadhe London

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