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Estúdio Ícone’s new website goes beyond a complex image gallery

The creation of the new website for Estúdio Ícone is a project of great importance for Reino, one which has gained wide spread recognition. Estúdio Ícone, specialized in the production of high quality images for the advertising market, is one of the most prestigious companies of its kind in the country.

The company’s expertise in concept art and illustration earned it the Cannes Lions, one of the most coveted international advertising awards, for the Nívea Doll campaign created by the agency FCB Brasil.

The challenge for Reino studio was to conceive of a creative interface that would reflect the quality of Estúdio Ícone’s work, impacting their target audience: art and creative directors of large ad agencies. To do this, a platform with a strong and singular identity was created that reflects the caliber of the client and that goes against the grain of current trends found in image gallery websites.

3D Impressions

Reino created a site with a modern design that would guarantee a simple navigation experience for the visitor. The first step was to bring the identity of Estúdio Ícone into the project. Then, parallax scrolling was used to create the illusion of depth of field. Navigating through filters, the portfolio can be viewed with the impression of three-dimensionality, culminating in an innovative and one-of- a-kind concept.

For the mobile version, a functional structure was used that could display the work in an objective and direct way. Through an administrative system, Estúdio Ícone has total control over the content of the site, even being able to upload content to the main banner in various layers. The result is a dynamic homepage, an immersion into the creative world of their work.

Dynamism and innovation at center stage

The innovation of Estúdio Ícone’s website has earned Reino studio prestige in the creative world. The project was highlighted at the 11 th Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico – Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial, as one of the best websites. It was also selected in the category best website for the digital Brazil award (Brio).

Credits / Team

Pedro Brêtas
Vinícius Malvão
Pedro Brêtas
Vinícius Malvão
Peth Ferraz
Roger Santos
Pedro Rezende