Playa Escondida

Development and creation of the whole website integrated to a booking system and the complete design of branding.

Your dream vacation just a click away.

The good positioning of a brand should not differ from the online and offline mode. Imagine if a person you trust,  strongly recommends you a hotel, but when you search for the hotel’s website you find non-attractive pictures, unclear and confusing information and, finally, difficulties to book a reservation. What are the chances of choosing this hotel to your next trip?

Playa Escondida was launched as a small hotel in a secluded beach in Sayulita, Mexico. In few years it became an international Resort, which offers sophisticated and personalized experiences, from horseback riding in the forest to Yoga sessions with a stunning sea view, surf and paddle lessons, golf trainings and private boat trips to see the wales and dolphins.

The hotel’s reputation has grown, but its visual identity and audience digital experience remained the same, despite its upgrade to a higher quality service. So, it was time to also refresh them.




The digital experience is fundamental for us to improve the guest experience.

– Fundador and CEO of Playa Escondida Resort

A new identity.

Staying in Playa Escondida is living an immersion in nature, sustainability, relaxation and new findings, which needed to be represented in the new identity of the hotel. At the same time, the concept of caring for others and the colourful culture of Mexican people should be present as well.

There were these choices which justified the usage of non-standard human handmade illustrations – unique, just like the guest’s stay.

The first step was to redesign its logo, inserting elements like the parrot, the sun, the waves, the “om” symbol, the fish and many others, showing the various experiences offered by the resort.

The directions about the usage of colors and the visual components provided the basis to draw up a guideline for the brand and all the tools needed from that point – restaurant’s menus, stickers, tags, towels, key holders, tequila bottles, souvenirs, golf carts, and others.

Reino took care of the rebranding process, design of all the products and digital communication of the hotel, in addition to customize social networks and create a vignette to present the hotel’s accommodations.

Multimedia Platform and exclusive reservation system.

Our wish was not only to adjust Playa Escondida website to its new positioning or simply redesign it, but build a multimedia platform. Nowadays it presents visual content and interacting resources which captivates visitors and help them to surf through the place, understanding the plurality of services and uniqueness of the hotel. It also helps to easily make contact, check the price list, see the rooms and, obviously, book them.

The reservation system, exclusively designed to Playa Escondida, was conceived to show the right location and unique decoration of each room to match the needs of potential guests.

Every room has its individual website that provides descriptive videos, pictures and texts, where customers should be able to compare special features among them, prices and their availability. By this interface guests are also allowed to select one or more rooms in the same purchase.

Full Package

Reino and Playa Escondida have a long-term partnership. Through a year and a half we rebuilt the hotel’s strategic positioning, visual identity, physical materials and digital experience, from the design of the images to the technical details of development, this project evolved to optimize the platform in a digital marketing perspective, with the purpose of increasing sales.

However, avoiding a relationship of dependence, we have been careful in the production of each item they would need in the future – a large number of illustrations and their varieties, typography, templates of online components, a simple and easy system which manages and edits the platform, this way the resort communication is prepared to its present and future growth.