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Pratodomundo – food for 10 BILLION

Taking care of the experience of the user means put yourself in its place, previewing its thoughts and actions. This depends on media, type of content, whether the space is digital or physical.

When Reino was invited to join this exhibition “Pratodomundo – food for 10 BILLION”, we knew we should bring the UX vision (user experience) to the environment of the Museum of Tomorrow.

The temporary exhibition raised an essential question to the next decades: how to feed, in the decade of 2050, a 10 billion people world population with nutritional value, diversity of means of production and sustainability?


Interactive installations

“Pratodomundo” was installed in a 600 square meters space. To compose the setting of the exhibition interactive screens, video mapping, totems, LED screens, backlights and scenography were presented. Reino Studio designed the audiovisual content of the three installations.

Each of them has, as a starting point, a briefing made by the creators and a proposed script. Reino was responsible to deepen the experience and journey of the visitors, developing creative content in storyboard, checking technical details to challenges related to proportions, architecture and technology, undertaking studies and viability tests and, also, producing animations and soundtracks.

Exhibition Entrance Panel

As the visitor’s first impression would be our responsibility we developed an animation with sound effects that presented the main concept of the exhibition in a fun way: a counter reaches the number 10 billion until hungry mouths emit sounds similar to those of beat box to compose the sound design. The challenge was to create a fluid low-resolution animation which had a good impression when projected in the led panel.

New Agriculture Frontiers Installation

Health and Society Installation

In this dinner table, the menu is served by insects. The projection was mapped in a circular structure, in five physical dishes. The comic and ludic animation sets an illusion that encourages the interaction and involves visitors. The aim of this installation was to show, in a funny way, that there are innumerous possibilities to grow e consume food in a sustainable way.

“Pratodomundo – Food for 10 billion” was an intense and pleasant project, both for its purpose, than by the creative opportunities. The success of the exhibition le Museum of Tomorrow to extend it beyond the scheduled time and gavet it a  Bronze Medal from Grand Prix (former International Design & Communication Awards – IDCA) on the Design of Temporary Exhibitions category.

New exhibition at Museum of Tomorrow discusses the future of food.


How should be the menu of the world population in the next 30 years?