The paradigm shift in mobile technology.

Alef is the global leader in native mobility, enabling a new generation of digital businesses. With offices in India, the USA and Brazil, the company is a pioneer in mobile internet operating systems. In a world where more than 5 billion people have smartphones and a market with trillions of connected devices, Alef enables, streamlines and empowers the connection between people as well as optimizes a high-performance environment for digital businesses.

With the goal of reaching their audience in a more tangible way, Alef chose to partner with Reino Studio to design a digital presence, including brand, website, a video and an internal campaign.

New Brand Concepts

The idea for creating Alef’s new brand was based on visually translating the concept behind the company’s name. Reino Study studied the symbolism of the word Alef, designing a logo inspired by the symbol of a mobius, frequently used to symbolize infinity. Its transparent circular structure represents the idea of perfection, infinity and simplicity, an abstract metaphor for the different concepts Alef represents. With a geometric esthetic, the many connected lines of movement reference a radiation wave that translates the idea of complexity into order.

New Website

Alef offers high-end technology services that change the paradigm of mobile internet navigation and Reino Studio understood that their website needed to visually capture this concept. To communicate all of the company’s content, Reino Studio created an interface in WebGL with a 3D animation simulating the multilateral connection that this technology can offer its users.

Aside from this animation in code, a video was created specifically for the website demonstrating the significant change this technology can bring to people’s lives and to the world of business.