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From Rio, to the World

Cariuma is a fashion brand infused with the Carioca lifestyle. Cariuma stands out as a premium and underground product showing the world how cool it is to be from Rio and how barriers and distances are insignificant within its concept. After almost 1 year of design from the first creative meetings to the launch of e-commerce a massive list of products were created. Logo design, E-commerce, illustrations, packaging, tags, t-shirt, sneaker sole and much more. All of this was made with a lot of research and attentive to the smallest details. Cariuma arrives showing Rio de Janeiro to the world and we are sure that Rio is very well represented.

New Brand Concepts

Cariuma needed a brand that would deliver to the world what feels like to live in the dusk of the warm Rio de Janeiro. We had to visually translate our culture, which is a misture of Bohemia, global city, optimism, exotic nature, music, sexy ( but not vulgar) to the foreign eyes. The inspiration of the identity came from the name itself and graphic elements from the local indians and from nature. A cheerful and affirmative color was chosen to ticks people’s lives positivity.


Our design sought to present the brand and the content in a refined way, adapting to the sales funnel stage within the user experience. In general, the home should enchant and arouse interest in a quick and visual way to offer content relevant to your audience. However, the product page should have a scroll with more specific content because we already know the interest of the product by the customer. We hierarchize the content within a page applying different techniques to influence and to captivate the client. The scroll starts using a more reptilian appeal, by using emotional images and videos and it evolves down to a more cortex approach, using social proof, product benefits, intellectual alibis / rewards and etc

Print Design

Brand manual, product label, product bags, product card, product patch, product box, thank you card, code label, business cards, handbags certificate, stickers, sneaker tab and sole, shipping box, and more. That was some of the materials we created and it was an awesome experience.

The full project for Circo Voador
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