The Space Ship

With more than 30 years of intense cultural production and uninterrupted gestation of talents and artists, Circo Voador was one of the first clients of the Reino studio. In an intense market and with a diverse and representative public, Circo Voador stands out in the cultural scene of Rio de Janeiro as one of the main venues of Rio de Janeiro. The partnership began in a renewal movement that marked Circo Voador’s 30-year celebration. The full project included the creation of a brand redesign,  a new website, brand maintenance in social networks, motion graphics and printed materials and identity creation for special projects.


New Brand Concepts

Circo Voador needed a brand that brought a new and fresh contemporary look to engage it’s newer audience. During the redesign creation process, it was identified what level of rupture there would be with the old brand. From then on, more than 100 possibilities were drawn up to reach the final symbol. The new identity designed by Reino translates concepts such as modernity, rebellion, and anarchy. The symbol mixes organic and geometric shapes. It highlights the anarchy “A” symbol and the architectural forms of the building, recognized as an essential part of the Rio de Janeiro landmarks.


New Website

The project to create the new website came up with the aim of improving the efficiency of the precursor site developed in Flash. It was necessary to develop a new website that would accompany the new technologies, and also be more effective in converting users into ticket buyers. Now, just one click is enough for the audience to be directed to the ticket purchase site. The new site places more value on Circo’s Voador events, with a design that shows the attractions and shows up to two months of programming, a great evolution from the old site, which allowed the disclosure of a maximum of 8 events. On the page of the event, the content is richer: the site allows the display of various photos and videos, as well as integration with the social networks of artists such as Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This page provides to the content administrator a more creative freedom in charting information. In this way, it allows different artists to have different communications. The animation work of the site is a differential that contributes to an immersive the experience of the user. A better navigation and fluid transitions encourage the user to spend more time on the site. The site has been optimized to have a good placement in search results and to have a good SEO. Designed to be responsive, the website suits the various screen formats available today, allowing it to be accessed in the best way by different devices.


Brand Maintenance

Today, Reino is responsible for creating identities for special projects that take place at Circo Voador, producing posters, illustrations, banners, animated vignettes for the video wall, books and various other on and off-line products.


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