The Project

Students can provide real-time feedback and ideas on what could be better. Professors, staff and management can use this feedback to better understand and respond to student needs. Through this loop, they can make change that matters. Over the last few months we have heard from students, professors and administrators that feedback mechanisms at universities aren’t very effective. By answering the questions using the slider and smiley, you will help us decide where to test our prototype.

Students Are Engaged And Want To Improve Their Universities.

Most feedback is completed only once or twice a semester. Hero enables students to give immediate feedback. The current system isn’t transparent. Students do not know how or where to give feedback. Hero provides a clear, direct channel. End of the year feedback forms are long and finished in a rush. Hero provides an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Through Hero, students can rate and discuss ways to improve the courses and services at their uni. See our blog for more info on Hero’s functionality.

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