The Project

This is the sensation that Reino studio hoped to transmit to users when they access the hotel Playa Escondida website. Responsive and innovative, the project worked with strategic communication repositioning, bringing out conceptual changes aligned with the new style of the hotel: eco-chic, with rustic luxury, gourmet gastronomy and a focus on the nature experience. Playa Escondida is located in Sayulita, a coastal Mexican city of about 6,000 inhabitants, famous for its surf tournaments and natural beauty. The dream of those who visit the hotel is to live a sensorial ecological experience, afforded by the hotel’s relative isolation from the city, with its only neighbour being a yoga retreat. The rooms have a story of their own: each one of the 30 dormitories has its own name and unique identity.


New Brand Concepts

The job started with brand redesign. The main concepts that the hotel wanted to reinforce were naturalness, sustainability, exploration and relaxation. Using this thinking, Reino studio designed a logo composed of different symbols that reinforce these ideas and that come together to form of a circle. The typography was designed to accompany the harmonious and zen style of the client.


New Wesite

The website was another important part of this project. Following the same conceptual path, the homepage is a web of everything that the hotel has to offer: locations and services, prices, maps, general information, contacts along with various language options. Photographs and videos were used to transmit the beauty of the environment and the high quality of the hotel. Special attention was given to the booking system during this process, as it is the tool that will capture the visitor. An individual page for each room was created with videos, photos and text, with navigation through an interface capable of comparing dates, specific characteristics, prices and reservations. Through this interface, the user chooses the lodging that most interests them and is then directed to the reservations, or, the same interface allows for the visitor to select multiple rooms in a single stay.


Print Design

Menus for the bar and restaurant, tags and stickers, as well as application of the logo on towels, key chains, tequila bottles, golf carts, promotional products, among others. During this phase, social networks were customized and vignettes for video presentations for each room were created. Another part of the project was to create simple and colourful illustrations to match our vision of the project. Opting for illustration allowed us to step aside from the usual hotel photographic communication, and offer a fresh, colourful and poetic look of Playa Escondida and It’s fauna and life style.


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