The Project

The new website of the management engineering company Visagio is one more of the projects designed and structured by Reino. The goal was to bring about a sophisticated and singular platform that could reflect the proposal of the company – that has offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, London, Perth and Moscow – and works in more than 25 countries. Visagio operates not only in the study and design of strategies, but, also in the implementation and operationalization of the solutions, through internal management.


The Design Proposal

The work on the new site started with the creation of a new visual identity based on Visasgio’s institutional colors. By choosing a more new and unique guise for the site, Reino created a platform that transmits confidence and modernity. The site was designed to be completely responsive, steering away from the more traditional layouts of the sector and presenting more institutional language. The animations were made using HTML5 code which results in an interesting experience, especially in the mobile version.


SEO Optimization

With an interface that stands out in relation to competitors, digital marketing and SEO optimization techniques were used to improve the indexation of the company in search engines, not only in the site’s channels but also in the content management portal.

Plurality Of Ideas And Formats
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