The Project

From a dive into the creative process using new tools as a form of experimentation, Reino created a concept video about nature, an infinite source of inspiration. The unique project, which was originated from the visual identity of the studio itself, was made based on the functional and anatomical elements of birds. The final result is an apparent 3D animation, although the conception was done in 2D and largely frame by frame in a process that extended over two months. The project utilized illustration techniques, such as rotoscoping, applied to visual effects software.



The video obtained national and international recognition with innumerable references on social networks and specialized sites. The project was selected for the 11 th Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico – Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial, in the motion graphic category and was highlighted by around ten design blogs, such as From up North, Abduzeedo, and The Curious Brain, among others.

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